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Milestone Games

We recognise those players that have achieved milestones of 100, 150 and 200 games while playing for the Magpies.

200 Games Played

Alexander Van Vliet
Ryan Van Vliet

150 Games Played
2016 2018 2021 2022
Cameron Arndt Louis Bernardella Tim Organ Jacob Jones Hayden Coverdale
Brandon Clark Brendan Coxall Kieran Thomas Jesse Eldred 
Nathan Coxall Jack Fishburn Luke O’Neill
Matthew Eastman Baylee Jones Thomas Pullen
Jared Fraser
Dylan Horton
Alexander Newton
Billy O’Brien
Alex Organ
Nathan Thomas


100 Games Played
2016 2017 2018 2019
Arin Rickett Justin Dela Cruz James Goode Tim Arthur Jayden Brien Ryan Arthur Liam Crowley
Joshua Cutting Mitchell Kerr Thomas Mulquiney Tom Fishburn Harry Jackson Ethan Barlow Will Hurst
Nicholas Baddock Connor Davis Sean O’Brien Jackson Moen Jacob Jones Hayden Coverdale Noah Jackson
Jack Young Matthew Hurley Ben Organ Kody Spencer Luke O’Neill Jesse Eldred Humza Khalid
Jack Bawden Samuel Jarvis Darren Whitby Calum Sproull Kieran Thomas Matthew Hayhow Owen Lonsdale
Benjamin Mannion Angus Kennedy Zane Zschech Ethan Trento Jarvis Hemmings Riley Mackay
Joshua Marquez James Kennedy Noah Hemmings Cillian Murphy
Jay Whelan Tim Organ Caleb Jackson Jack Needham
Zachary Johns Kyle Spencer Angus Lewis Ryan Peisley
Nicholas Johns Cameron Thompson Jack Lyneham Marcus Williams
Ryan Evans Cameron Wood Sean McGovern
Jake Woodhead Zac Laws Ryan Town
Chloe Arndt Aaron Barlow Tom Wright
2020 2021 2022 2023
Braydon Carruthers Liam Sankey Thomas Black Ryan Charlwood
Ashton Coverdale Jack Cummins Bailey Knowles
Luke Eastman Charlie Fishburn Oliver Walter
Joel Eastman Thomas Pasfield
Nick Fischer
Cooper Green
Jedd Gouda
James O’Brien
Daniel Peterson


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