AFL 9s is the AFL’s social version of the game. It’s a fast, free-flowing game that involves 9 players on each team playing on a smaller field. Best of all, it’s ‘touch football’ with no tackling or bumping, making it suitable for people of any age or skill level. Importantly, AFL 9s is easy to play, not too physically demanding and provides an environment where fun, enjoyment and safety are a priority.

The Magpies’ holds AFL9s at the end of the season, usually starting in late September for around 10 weeks. It’s a great way to finish of the year of Australian Football!

Features of AFL9s

  • Played between two teams of 9 with interchange players.
  • The field size is modified and is divided into three zones: a mid zone and two scoring zones.
  • Teams score by kicking the football into their attacking scoring zone to designated forwards who are the only players permitted to score.
  • A mark is awarded irrespective of the distance the ball has travelled and if the ball hits the ground it is an automatic turnover.
  • It is a non-contact version of the game which requires players to implement a touch in place of a tackle.


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