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Junior Football

Junior Football is the next step for players who are ready to move on from Auskick/U8s. Players are gradually introduced to competitive football in stages as they gain skills and confidence throughout their years of Junior Football participation. Rules of matches are modified so that they can continue to develop their skills in an enjoyable, safe atmosphere.

Features of the U9s and U10s are as follows:

  • The size of the playing field is reduced.
  • Each team has around 9–12 players.
  • Games consist of 4 x 10 minute quarters.
  • No smothering, shepharding, barging or fending.
  • Modified tackling rules apply (no bumping, slinging or deliberately bringing to the ground).
  • Players cannot knock the ball out of an opponent’s hands, push the player in the side, steal the ball from another player, smother an opponent’s kick or shepherd an opponent, or deliberately pull or grab the hair of an opponent.
  • Fields are separated into 3 zones to avoid congestion and spread opportunity for the ball.
  • Players are rotated through the 3 zones (forward, centres, backs) to ensure they experience each position. Only forwards can score goals.
  • No marking distance applies.
  • There are no competition tables and teams are not divisionalised or graded.

Features of the U11s and U12s are as follows:

  • The size of the playing field is reduced.
  • Each team has between 12-15 players.
  • Games consist of 4 x 13 minute quarters.
  • Full tackling rules apply.
  • Marking distance of 10 metres.
  • Scores are recorded on competition tables, and teams are divisionalised.

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